Bagnoli del Trigno - Château Sanfelice castle

Sanfelice Castle

Bagnoli del Trigno

The entire little town of Bagnoli del Trigno is dominated by the ruins of the Lombard castle, standing on the highest part of town, on a large block of limestone. Its name is due to the Sanfelice family that has dominated for nearly two centuries, until almost the end of feudal rights. From the courtyard […]

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Castel San Vincenzo - Abbaye Monastery

San Vincenzo al Volturno monastery

Castel San Vincenzo

The St. Vincent of Volturno Abbey is a historic Italian Benedictine abbey, founded in the eighth century, situated in the territory of the municipality of Castel San Vincenzo in the province of Isernia, near the sources of Volturno, Molise. The exterior of the abbey is marked by Roman ruins (built before its construction). There are […]

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Braies - Lac de Braies lake

Braies Lake


Lake Braies ( Pragser Wildsee in German) is a small alpine lake located in the Braies Valley ( a side valley of the Puster Valley ) 1496 m s.l.m. in the municipality of Braies (BZ) , about 97 km from Bolzano.

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Sabbioneta - Theatre théâtre à l’antique - All'antica theater

Teatro all’antica theater of Sabbioneta


The ancient theater of Sabbioneta, or Olympic Theater, was built between 1588 and 1590 by the architect Vincenzo Scamozzi of Vicenza ( 1548-1616 ). The Teatro Olimpico was commissioned by Vespasian Gonzaga, Duke of the small and delightful town of Sabbioneta. The theater has an elegant structure. The auditorium is surmounted by a Corinthian portico […]

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