Santa Maria di Leuca - Grotte Tre oorte Caves

Tre porte Cave

Santa Maria di Leuca

The Cave of the three doors has three large openings which are showing immense cavity . On the north wall of the interior of the cave there is a tunnel that ends after about 30 meters in a large room with stalactites and stalagmites.

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Alberobello - Trulli Trullo



Trullo (Trulli plural) is a type of building typical of the town of Alberobello in the Puglia region. The history of these very special buildings is linked to an edict of the Kingdom of Naples in the fifteenth century underwent a tribute every new urban settlement. The Counts of Conversano, owners of the land on […]

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Grottes de Castellana Caves

Castellana Caves

Castellana Grotte

Franco Anelli discovered the caves of Castellana on January 23rd, 1938. Castellana Caves are conducted over three kilometers along an underground , to tens of meters deep. We discover alabaster formations, stalagmites and stalactites million colors, small underground lakes and caves fantastic, reflecting ancient prehistoric civilizations. In about three hours we can admire the Grotta […]

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Isle San Nicola Tremiti islands

Aragonese Tower

Tremiti Islands

The fortified abbey with “The Aragonese Tower”: a circular base, built in the late fifteenth century on the island of San Nicola in the archipelago of Tremiti Islands, named Isole Tremiti in Italian.

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Andria - Castle - Chateau - Castel del monte

Castle del Monte


The Castel del Monte is an Italian thirteenth century castle built by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II of Hohenstaufen , located in the hamlet of the same name that is part of the municipality of Andria, 70 km west of Bari, in Puglia. The building is listed in the inventory of the Italian national […]

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