Loreto | Basilique Notre-Dame - cathedral - Lorette

Basilica of the Santa Casa


Loreto is one of the most famous shrines dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The Basilica of the Holy House was started in 1468, completed by the seventeenth century and the bell tower completed by Luigi Vanvitelli in 1755. The best architects of the time worked there: Baccio Pontelli, Bramante, Andrea Sansovino Giuliano da Sangallo and […]

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Loreto | Fontaine Maggiore Fountain

Maggiore Fountain


The Fontana Maggiore is an artistic work that is at the heart of the famous Piazza della Madonna di Loreto in the Marche. Is a superb example of Baroque fountain. The project was designed by architects Carlo Maderno and Giovanni Fontana (his uncle). The fountain was realized between 1604 and 1614 . The Fountain Maggiore […]

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Urbino | Gallery - Gallerie national - Tourism Italy Italie

National Gallery of Urbino


The National Gallery of the Marches is housed in the Ducal Palace in Urbino; its collections come largely of churches and convents in the Marche region, put together in the nineteenth century . The National Gallery of the Marches is a major tourist destination, thanks to its section related to the Renaissance, with two works […]

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Urbino | Dôme - Cathedral - Toursm Italy Italie

Cathedral of Urbino


The cathedral of Urbino is the principal church of the city and a major tourist destination in Italy. Its size is similar to the previous Renaissance cathedral, destroyed by the 1789 earthquake and rebuilt in neo-classical style; the Dome of Urbino measures 64.5 m long, 36.8 m wide and 50 m in height. The cathedral […]

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