Capri | Villa Jovis

Villa Jovis


Villa Jovis (from the Latin villa Jupiter, sometimes misspelled Villa Ionis) is situated on the summit of Mount Tiberius, in the eastern part of the island of Capri. Villa Jovis is known for being both the home of the Roman emperor Augustus and Tiberius Caesar and the government palace of Rome in the period between […]

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Anacapri - Grotte bleue - Blue grotto azzurra

Blue Grotto


At least once in life you should visit this tourist destination in Italy to understand why it is the most famous attraction of Capri. Get on a little boat, relax and let yourself be guided by the sailor under a meter-high cave mouth. First you will see only darkness; then suddenly blue highlights and all […]

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Capri | Faraglioni - pilier - stacks

Faraglioni of Capri


The Faraglioni of Capri (cliffs of Capri) are three rocky peaks located southeast of the island of Capri, famous in the world thanks to the wonderful overview offered by the Gardens of Augustus. Did you know? The Faraglione Scopolo is the only place where you can find the popular Blue Lizard of Faraglioni. It is […]

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Furore | Fiord - Amalfi côte - coast

Fiord of Furore

Amalfi Coast Beaches in Italy Furore

A very suggestive beach in Italy is the Fiordo di Furore. Despite the name by which he is commonly known, is actually created by the incessant labor Schiato stream. The Fiord of Furore hosts a small village that was inhabited, among others, by Roberto Rossellini and Anna Magnani. A small museum devoted to them is […]

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