Trieste | Châteu Miramare castle

Miramare Castle


The Miramare Castle was built in 1856 by the Archduke Maximilian . Miramare Castle is one of the most important monuments of the city of Trento. The castle and its park, requested by Archduke Maximilian of Hapsburg -Lorraine , Emperor of Mexico, in 1855 to have a residence in Trieste suitable to his rank, overlooking […]

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Trieste | Église - St-Antonio Nuovo Church

Church of Sant’Antonio Nuovo


The church of St. Anthony Taumaturgo (commonly called the Church of Sant’Antonio Nuovo), is a church of Borgo Teresiano in Trieste. The church project dates back to 1808, but work began only in 1825. The building’s façade is characterized by six Ionic columns. Also on the facade there are six statues of Francesco Bosa 1842. […]

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Trieste | Gran Canal Grande

Canal Grande of Trieste


Trieste’s Grand Canal is a waterway that is in the heart of Borgo Teresiano, in the center of Trieste, midway between the station and the square unit of Italy, in front of San Giorgio del Porto Vecchio and the Sant’Antonio Nuovo church. The Canal Grande of Trieste was built in 1754-1756 by the Venetian Matteo […]

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