Termoli | Château souabe - Swabian Castle

Swabian castle of Termoli

Molise Termoli

The Swabian castle of Termoli characterizes the image of the village of the old city of Termoli. Its construction dates back approximately to the XIII century, a period in which Frederick II of Swabia designed a system of fortification of borders of southeast of Italy and Sicily.

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Agnone | Fonderie de Cloches - Marinelli Bell foundry

Pontifical Foundry Marinelli and International Museum of the Bell

Agnone Molise

Papal Foundry Marinelli (Pontificia fonderia di campane Marinelli in Italian) is a family run Italian metallurgical factory based in Agnone, in the province of Isernia, specializing in the bells of construction. Owned by the Marinelli family, it exists for generations, stands out as the oldest Italian foundry and among the 10 oldest businesses in the […]

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Campobasso - Château Monforte castle

Monforte castle

Campobasso Molise

Castello Monforte is a castle, a national monument and symbol of the city of Campobasso. It is named after Count Nicola II Monforte, Monforte Gambatesa, who restored it after the earthquakes of 1456 and 1458 . An ancient parchment dating from 1375 confirms the existence of a castle in the town already then.

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Ruines Romaines - Sepino - Altilia - Saepinum

Roman Ruin Saepinum

Molise Sepino

The main attraction of Sepino resides in nearby Roman ruins of the ancient Saepinum. Itself very close to the village of Altilia. The Romans, during the 1st century B.C., built in place of the small resort Samnite a much larger town with forum, theater, temples, baths and fountains. Among the ruins, developed later the village […]

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