Cagliari | Tour de San Pancrazio Tower

San Pancrazio Tower


The tower of San Pancrazio is the highest tower of Cagliari. The building is a symbol of the city and a visit to the monument you can admire vast panoramas of the city and the neighborhood. The tower was built in 1305 by the Sardinian architect Giovanni Capula, who also designed the Tower of the […]

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Cagliari | Tour Elephant Tower

Elephant tower


Elephant Tower (Torre dell’Elefante in Italian) is the second highest medieval tower of Cagliari, after the tower of San Pancrazio. The tower was built in 1307 on the orders of the consuls of Pisa, Giovanni De Vecchi and John Cinquini, by Sardinian architect Giovanni Capula, who two years earlier had built the twin tower of […]

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Pula - Ville ancienne de Nora Ancient Roman city

Ancient Roman city of Nora


Nora is an ancient Roman and pre-Roman city, placed on a peninsula near Pula, near Cagliari in Sardinia. On the site you can see: The Temple of Asclepius – Eshmun. The Roman Theatre of Nora. The Punic district of Nora.

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Cagliari - Lungomare Seaside Via Roma

Seafront – Via Roma


The wooden walkway along the coast connecting the platform to the pine forest of Su Siccu. The walk is a destination beloved by the citizens of Cagliari to relax , to walk , to go cycling or running.

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