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Church in the rock of Pietracupa

Chiesa Rupestre di San Antonio Abate in Italian.

Pietracupa Mountain is characterized by cavities used over the centuries as a safe shelter against the ravages of Bulgarians at the end of 600 and Saracens in 800. The caves were then seat of the local court of Inquisition, home of bandits in the late eighteenth century and, finally, a shelter for the partisans.

In the largest of these caves there is the Crypt in Roche: a picturesque place of prayer. The crypt was excavated by Celestini monks and was the perfect place to escape reality for a life of meditation and prayer. The altar is an old millstone. Suspended on the altar, we can admire a valuable wooden crucifix recovered by chance in the trash, which dates back to 1500. Originally used as a dwelling, the crypt was transformed into Inquisition tribunal, prison and finally as a place of executions. Are still visible on the vault, the support points of the beams for the hangings.

Salita Piave, 13, 86020 Pietracupa CB, Italy

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