Baunei | Sardinia - Cala Mariolu

Cala Mariolu beach

Baunei Beaches in Italy

This tourist destination in Italy derives its name from the words of an Italian fisherman who kept his freshly caught fish in a small cave, near the beach of Cala Mariolu. The fisherman did not know, however, that the famous monk seal ate all the fish hidden in the cave. The fisherman then said ” […]

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Lampedouse | Plage des Conigli beach

Conigli island beach

Beaches in Italy Lampedusa

The Beach on the island of Conigli is located on the island of Conigli at Lampedusa in Sicily and is characterized by the transparency of the waters, the amazing scenery and the amazing marine life that inhabits it. This tourist destination in Italy is often called the most beautiful beach of the World .

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