Orvieto - Cathédrale d'Orvieto Cathedral - duomo

Orvieto Cathedral


Orvieto Cathedral stands on top of the Orvieto hill and dominates the other buildings. The Duomo dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, is one of the most magnificent works of Italian medieval architecture. Gothic style, it is famous for its facade, as well as the St. Brice Chapel – Cappella San Brizio – […]

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Spoleto - Forteresse Albornoziana Fortress - Spolete

Albornoz fortress


La Rocca Albornoz (Forteresse Albornoziana) is a fortress located on the top of the hill Sant’Elia on the city of Spoleto. This is the main bulwark of the system of fortifications built by Pope Innocent VI, to militarily strengthen and make more evident the authority of the Church in the territories of central Italy, in […]

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