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Road of the Conciliation

Via della Conciliazione in Italian.

Via della Conciliazione is a street in Rome and a tourist destination much visited Rome for the wonderful view of the Basilica of Saint Peter.
Conveniently connects the capital of Italy with the Vatican State in a straight line from Castel Sant’Angelo to St. Peter’s Square; the street ends at Piazza Pio XII, where a thin line of travertine marble, taken from the quarries near Tivoli, describes the border with Vatican City.
Via della Conciliazione, designed by the architects Marcello Piacentini and Attilio Spaccarelli, was established in 1936 with the demolition of the block of “Spina di Borgo”, after the official reconciliation between the Italian state and the Vatican, with the Lateran Treaty of February 11th, 1929.
Street of Reconciliation is one of the most discussed urban works and severely criticized of the twentieth century.
The intervention of the twentieth century caused the loss of much of the neighborhood Borgo, with the destruction of the palace of Convertendi, the palace Jacopo da Brescia, the governor’s palace, the Alicorni palace, the palace Accoramboni and Church of St. Jacques in Scossacavalli.

Via della Conciliazione, 00193 Roma, Italy

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