Sabbioneta - Theatre théâtre à l’antique - All'antica theater

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Teatro all’antica theater of Sabbioneta

Teatro Olimpico, Teatro all'Antica in Italian.

The ancient theater of Sabbioneta, or Olympic Theater, was built between 1588 and 1590 by the architect Vincenzo Scamozzi of Vicenza ( 1548-1616 ). The Teatro Olimpico was commissioned by Vespasian Gonzaga, Duke of the small and delightful town of Sabbioneta.
The theater has an elegant structure. The auditorium is surmounted by a Corinthian portico decorated with frescoes of mythological gods crowned with statues.
In the sixteenth century, the original decor of Scamozzi was removed and replaced with a new system of sliding panels. Original plans in the archives of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, made possible in the twentieth century, the reconstruction of new landscapes based on the original.

Via Leoni, 4, 46018 Sabbioneta MN, Italy

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