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Bridge of Sighs

Ponte dei Sospiri in Italian.

The Bridge of Sighs is built Istrian stone, baroque, and was built in the early seventeenth century by the architect Antonio Contin son of Bernardino Contin by order of the Doge Marino Grimani, whose coat of arms is engraved.

The Bridge of Sighs, characteristic of Venice, at a short distance from Piazza San Marco, crosses the Rio di Palazzo between the Doge’s Palace and the new prisons, the first building in the world built specifically to be a prison.

Known around the world, this bridge is a tourist destination in Italy much-photographed by tourists from around the world, from the presbytery Bridge and the Ponte della Paglia. The sighs term indicates the last breaths of the prisoners who went to jail once condemned.

Bridge of Sighs, Piazza San Marco, 1, 30100 Venezia, Italy

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