Prato | Placeet église de Sant'Agostino - square church

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Sant’Agostino place and square

Chiesa di Sant'Agostino in Italian.

The church of Sant’Agostino Prato is very old. The Augustinians in 1271 erected a chapel and a small convent; the present church was built between the late fourteenth century and 1440.

The interior of the church is a tourist destination not to be missed, where it is possible to admire remarkable paintings: the Madonna della Consolazione of Giovan Battista Naldini (completed in 1591 by Curradi), the Intensa Elemosina of St. Thomas (1660) by Lorenzo Lippi, the Immacolata dell’Empoli (1630) and other fourteenth frescoes.

Piazza Sant'Agostino, 59100 Prato PO, Italy

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