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Archaeological Park of Vibo Valentia

Urban archaeological park of Vibo Valentia is for the protection and enhancement of the monumental ruins of Greek and Roman times; the park has the objective to “build” a path that unifies all the monuments of Greece and Roman times made that are not contiguous, but “interrupted” by the presence of medieval remains (walls the ‘600’ 700, the city gates, churches, convents, palaces) and the modern city.

The route of the Archaeological Park:

Of the Greek polis, you can visit the monumental remains of the walls (in Trappeto Vecchio), composed of towers and small doors (postierle), along a very scenic route of at least 500 m.

Included in the way the ruins of the Doric temple Telegraph Belvedere, built in the late fifth century B.C., now located near the current Police Academy.

It is also possible to visit the remains relating to sacred places localities Cava Cordopatri, Cofino (VI-IV sec. B.C.) and Scrimbia (end VII-V century B.C.) rich of exhibits in the Archaeological Museum material.

Roman municipium of the ruins are: in the district of S. Aloe, a large surface area relative to a sector of the city with several rooms with mosaics, an adjacent spa, equipped with gym;
in the district of Terravecchia many “fragments” found in various locations in the area of the medieval town which are measures of the Roman neighborhoods.
Always linked to the Roman period, the remains of the theater; a monumental public building situated in a vast area near the deconsecrated church of Rosario.

Vibo Valentia VV, Italy

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