Cefalù | Plage Caldura Kalura beach

Caldura Beach of Cefalù

Beaches in Italy Cefalù

Caldura Beach, in Cefalu, is a tourist destinations in Italy and one of the best beaches if you like also do some exploration : the steps that carry to the beach is a sight not to be missed. Caldura is very quiet, but to go early in the morning is better, because the shade arrives […]

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Cefalù | Cathedrale - Cathedral - tourism

Cathedral of Cefalù


The Cefalù cathedral, like a fortress, stands like a huge mass at the top of the medieval city. The Cefalu cathedral, Sicily , dating from 1131, was begun in the Norman style, Sicily was conquered by the Normans in 1091. According to tradition, the building was erected after a vow made to St. Saviour by […]

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