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Fegina beach

Spiaggia di Fegina in Italian.

Fegina Beach is a beautiful tourist destination; it was proclaimed by the US magazine “Forbes” among the 25 sexiest beaches in the world.
In occasion of your trip to Italy, arriving at the beach of Fegina is very easy, especially if you arrive by train: go down the stairs from the station and Fegina Beach is right there in front, to the right and to the left. The walk can begin with the giant of Punta Mesco in the west part of Monterosso. Then go next two big rocks against which the sea crashes to shore. On the promenade, a tunnel allows the passage to the old village of Monterosso, which can also be reached by a path that goes over the promontory.

Via Fegina, 22, 19016 Monterosso Al Mare SP, Italy

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