Dôme San Lorenzo Cathedral - Genoa Gênes

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Genoa Cathedral of San Lorenzo

The Duomo di San Lorenzo Cathedral in Genoa was consecrated by Pope Gelasius II in 1118 and is dedicated to the archdeacon of the Church of Rome, martyred in 258 on the Via Tiburtina.
The alternating gray and white on the front, a process quite common in Liguria, supports the massiveness of the set and the closer the Romanesque style, while the three portals decorated with statues is closer to the gothic French cathedrals. The alternations also cover the columns.
In the center of the gate of the Cattedrale di San Lorenzo, Christ blessing, carrying a book with an inscription. The rest of this level is decorated of the four beasts of the Apocalypse in which the Christian tradition usually recognizes the four Evangelists.

Cattedrale di San Lorenzo, 16123 Genoa, Italy

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